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Physical objects that are that are meant to be perceived primarily through the sense of sight, are of high quality, requiring refined skill in creation, and typically using the media of painting, drawing, or sculpture. It may also refer to architecture and design. Although there is overlap, fine art is generally distinguished from other art forms based on the media, extent of skill, and the level of formal training required. It is distinct from "decorative arts" in that the fine arts are art in which the aesthetic or intellectual expression is more prominent than the utilitarian purpose. It is distinct from "crafts," which are handiworks of media such as ceramics, glass, needlework, or any medium other than painting, drawing, sculpture, or architecture. It is also distinct from "commercial art," which is created to serve commerce such as in advertisements or illustration. On the other hand, the term "fine arts" may be used in a broader sense, to include the arts of poetry, music, and filmmaking.

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  • schone kunsten [nl]
  • beaux-arts (fine arts) [fr]
  • bildende Künste [de]
  • belle arti [it]
  • bellas artes [es]
  • sköna konster [sv]
  • fine art [en]
  • arts, fine [en]
  • schone kunst [nl]
  • schöne Künste [de]
  • Bellas Artes [es]
  • Arte Bella [es]