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Generally refers to teachers who give instruction to students outside of a regular classroom setting. Includes private tutors hired specifically to help students prepare for examinations. In some American colleges and universities, teachers ranking below professors, usually hired for a year or a few years. In British and Irish universities, graduate students or members of the teaching staff assigned to supervise an undergraduate student.

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Otros términos

  • 家庭教師 [zh]
  • tutores [es]
  • jiā tíng jiào shī [zh]
  • jia ting jiao shi [zh]
  • chia t'ing chiao shih [zh]
  • tutor [en]
  • tutor [nl]
  • tutor [es]
  • tutor's [en]
  • tutors' [en]
  • instructors, private [en]
  • private instructors [en]
  • private teachers [en]
  • teachers, private [en]
  • 私人教師 [zh]
  • 指導教師 [zh]
  • 助教 [zh]