Plastic arts

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      1. <skos:prefLabel xml:lang="en">plastic arts</skos:prefLabel>

      2. <skos:prefLabel xml:lang="it">arti plastiche</skos:prefLabel>

      3. <skos:prefLabel xml:lang="fr">arts plastiques</skos:prefLabel>

      4. <skos:prefLabel xml:lang="es">artes plásticas</skos:prefLabel>

      5. <skos:altLabel xml:lang="en">plastic art</skos:altLabel>

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      7. <skos:note xml:lang="en">In general, refers to the visual arts as opposed to literature, poetry, or other writing. In a narrower sense, it sometimes refers to all visual arts concerned with three-dimensional objects, but not two-dimensional visual arts. For works made of the material plastic, use "plastic (organic material)."</skos:note>

      8. <skos:notation>300311925</skos:notation>

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