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Refers to works that are primarily utilitarian in form or function, but that have aesthetic value provided by the design, decoration, or embellishment. They may include ceramics, furniture, textiles, glass, leather, metalwork, arms and armor, clocks, and jewelry, and other household or utilitarian objects. They are distinct from "fine arts," which were traditionally considered to require more extensive training and were restricted to the media of painting, sculpture, drawing, and architecture.

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Otros términos

  • kunstnijverheid [nl]
  • arts décoratifs [fr]
  • angewandte Kunst [de]
  • arti applicate [it]
  • artes aplicadas [es]
  • brukskonst [sv]
  • decorative art [en]
  • applied arts [en]
  • minor arts [en]
  • arts, decorative [en]
  • toegepaste kunst [nl]
  • decoratieve kunst [nl]
  • ambachtskunst [nl]
  • kunstindustrie [nl]
  • arts appliqués [fr]
  • dekorative Kunst [de]
  • Kunstgewerbe [de]
  • arti decorative [it]
  • artes utilitarias [es]
  • artes decorativas [es]
  • arte decorativa [es]
  • artes útiles [es]
  • dekorativ konst [sv]
  • konstindustri [sv]