Military officers


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Those who hold a position of authority or command in the armed forces, specifically those holding it by commission. For those holding positions of trust and authority within a civil, governmental, or private context, see "officers (administrators)."


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Otros términos

  • 軍官 [zh]
  • officieren [nl]
  • oficiales (gente por grado de capacitación) [es]
  • jūn guān [zh]
  • jun guan [zh]
  • chün kuan [zh]
  • military officer [en]
  • officer (military officer) [en]
  • officers (military officers) [en]
  • military officer's [en]
  • military officers' [en]
  • officer's (military officer) [en]
  • officers' (military officers) [en]
  • officier [nl]
  • oficial (gente por grado de capacitación) [es]