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Generally refers to those belonging to an army, whether that of a sovereign state, a faction or division within a sovereign state, or of an individual leader. Specifically refers to military personnel of enlisted rank, as distinguished from commissioned officers. For those trained for or engaged in the physical combat of warfare and sanctioned in that function by the society or group for which they fight, irrespective of actual membership in an army, see "warriors."


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Otros términos

  • 士兵 [zh]
  • soldaten [nl]
  • soldados [es]
  • shì bīng [zh]
  • shi bing [zh]
  • shih ping [zh]
  • soldier [en]
  • soldier's [en]
  • soldiers' [en]
  • soldaat [nl]
  • landsverdedigers [nl]
  • soldado [es]