Chemical engineers


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Refers to people employed in the design and development of the processes of creating chemicals and in the operation and requirements of a chemical plant. They are concerned with data and predictions that often have to be obtained or confirmed with pilot experiments. Their activities differ from chemists in that chemists deal with the research of and actual creation of chemicals.

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Otros términos

  • 化學工程師 [zh]
  • scheikundig ingenieurs [nl]
  • ingenieros químicos [es]
  • huà xué gōng chéng shī [zh]
  • hua xue gong cheng shi [zh]
  • hua hsüeh kung ch'eng shih [zh]
  • chemical engineer [en]
  • chemical engineers' [en]
  • chemical engineer's [en]
  • engineers, chemical [en]
  • scheikundig ingenieur [nl]
  • ingeniero químico [es]