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People who practice the art of painting, which is applying pigments suspended in liquid to a surface to create an expressive or communicative image. For people who apply paint primarily to protect or give simple color to a surface, use "painters (tradespeople)."


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Otros términos

  • 畫家 [zh]
  • kunstschilders [nl]
  • pintores (artistas) [es]
  • huà jiā [zh]
  • hua jia [zh]
  • hua chia [zh]
  • painter (artist) [en]
  • painter's (artist) [en]
  • painters' (artists) [en]
  • 畫師 [zh]
  • kunstschilder [nl]
  • schilder (kunst) [nl]
  • schilders (kunst) [nl]
  • pintor (artista) [es]