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Refers to a movement of Western art that existed from the late nineteenth century through the early twentieth century. The term was coined by art critics Roger Fry, Clive Bell and others to refer to art that chronologically followed the Impressionist movement but was distinct from Neo-Impressionism. It is characterized by widely differing, highly personal artistic styles.


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Otros términos

  • 後印象派 [zh]
  • post-impressionistisch [nl]
  • Posimpresionista [es]
  • hòu yìn xiàng pài [zh]
  • hou yin xiang pai [zh]
  • hou yin hsiang p'ai [zh]
  • Post-Impressionism [en]
  • Postimpressionism [en]
  • Postimpressionist [en]
  • 後印象主義 [zh]
  • 後印象主義繪畫 [zh]
  • post-impressionisme [nl]
  • Posimpresionismo [es]