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Refers to the movement in 19th-century Western art that developed in France and rejected traditional academic teaching and attempted to use science regarding the physics of color to achieve exact representations of color, tone, and light. Impressionist art is characterized by the use of small touches of pure color, painting out-of-doors in order to catch the essence of a fleeting time of day, and an objective depiction of contemporary life.


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Otros términos

  • 印象派 [zh]
  • Impressionistisch [nl]
  • Impresionista [es]
  • yìn xiàng pài [zh]
  • yin xiang pai [zh]
  • yin hsiang p'ai [zh]
  • Impressionism [en]
  • 印象主義 [zh]
  • impressionisme [nl]
  • impresionismo [es]