Analytical Cubist


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Refers to the phase of Cubism that focuses primarily on the depiction of different aspects of the same object simultaneously.

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Otros términos

  • Analytisch kubistisch [nl]
  • Cubista analítico [es]
  • Analytical Cubism [en]
  • Analytic Cubist [en]
  • Cubism, Analytic [en]
  • Cubism, Facet [en]
  • Cubism, High [en]
  • Cubist, Analytic [en]
  • Cubist, Analytical [en]
  • Cubist, Facet [en]
  • Cubist, High [en]
  • Facet Cubism [en]
  • Facet Cubist [en]
  • High Cubism [en]
  • High Cubist [en]
  • analytisch kubisme [nl]