Calligraphy (visual works)


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Visual and Verbal Communication (Hierarchy Name) > Visual Works (Hierarchy Name) > visual works > <visual works by material or technique>


Works composed primarily of beautiful, elegant letters or flourishes that are typically created by hand with a pen, either in unjoined characters or in cursive writing. May also refer to similar works created by computer or another means.

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Otros términos

  • schoonschrift [nl]
  • calligraphie [fr]
  • Kalligraphie [de]
  • calligrafia [it]
  • caligrafía [es]
  • kalligrafi [sv]
  • calligraphic works [en]
  • kalligrafie (visueel werk) [nl]
  • Schönschreibkunst [de]
  • skönskrift [sv]