Corn dollies


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Objects plaited or woven from grain stalks, traditionally from the last sheaf to be cut in the field, intended to serve as a home over the winter for the spirit of the grain field, before being burnt or ploughed back into the field in spring to ensure the continuity of the harvest. The folk tradition originated in Britain and Ireland and was taken by immigrants to North America. The designs include human-like figures, one or more loops conjoined, or conical cages, and ribbons or rags are common enhancements. In the present time many are made for sale as crafts.

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Otros términos

  • corn dolly's [nl]
  • muñecas de maíz [es]
  • corn dolly [en]
  • dollies, corn [en]
  • kirn-babies [en]
  • kirn-baby [en]
  • bouquets de moisson [fr]
  • muñeca de maíz [es]