Environmental art


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Contemporary works of art, usually outdoors and on a grand scale, that surround or involve the participation of the viewer and that especially exploit or incorporate aspects of their sites. For such works that specifically manipulate the land itself, use "earthworks (sculpture)." For indoor installations that create surroundings that can be entered by the viewer, use "environments (sculpture)." For sculpture that is designed to be placed outdoors but is not especially site-specific, use "outdoor sculpture." For art that utilizes natural physical forces, biological organisms and processes, and performance to illustrate, question, and explain ecological and environmental issues, use "ecological art."


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Otros términos

  • omgevingskunst [nl]
  • arte ambiental (obra) [es]
  • ambiente (environmental art) [en]
  • art, environmental [en]
  • art, land (environmental art) [en]
  • environmental sculpture (environmental art) [en]
  • environment art (visual works) [en]
  • land art (environmental art) [en]
  • land art [es]
  • sculpture, environmental (environmental art) [en]
  • site sculpture (environmental art) [en]