Phosphor bronze


Getty AAT: Materials (matter)


<materials by composition> > inorganic material > metal > <metal by composition or origin> > nonferrous metal > <copper and copper alloy> > copper alloy > bronze (metal)


Bronze containing phosphorus, or which has been deoxidized by the addition of phosphorus in its final processing stage, little or no phosphorus remaining in the final alloy.

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Otros términos

  • 磷青銅 [zh]
  • fosforbrons [nl]
  • bronce de fósforo [es]
  • lín qīng tóng [zh]
  • lin qing tong [zh]
  • lin ch'ing t'ung [zh]
  • bronze, phosphor [en]
  • bronze, steel [en]
  • steel bronze [en]