Gunmetal (casting bronze)


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Casting bronze, of from 10 to 15% tin, about 2% zinc, and the balance copper; formerly used for making cannon barrels, and later also for a variety of machine components and other devices. Also any of several metals or alloys of a dark bluish or purplish gray, used to make firearm barrels and other objects.

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Otros términos

  • 炮銅 (鑄青銅) [zh]
  • geschutbrons [nl]
  • bronze d'émail au zinc [fr]
  • bronce de cañón [es]
  • gun-metal (casting bronze) [en]
  • pào tóng [zh]
  • pao tong [zh]
  • p'ao t'ung [zh]
  • gun metal (casting bronze) [en]
  • G合金 [zh]
  • 砲銅 [zh]
  • 砲合金 [zh]
  • bronce de cañon [es]