Corrugated board


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Cardboard consisting of a sheet of corrugated paper with an adherent flat board on one or both sides. It may be made of good quality paper or cheaper paper, which is intended for short term use or transport (e.g., used in box-making).


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Otros términos

  • 瓦楞紙板 [zh]
  • golfkarton [nl]
  • cartón corrugado [es]
  • wǎ lèng zhǐ bǎn [zh]
  • wa leng zhi ban [zh]
  • wa leng chih pan [zh]
  • corrugated boards [en]
  • board, corrugated [en]
  • cardboard, corrugated [en]
  • corrugated cardboard [en]
  • corrugated paperboard [en]
  • paperboard, corrugated [en]
  • 瓦楞蕊紙板 [zh]
  • cartón acanalado [es]
  • cartón ondulado [es]